Well the name is Lia. Indonesian. Female. 18 yo (and counting). No superpower.

My blog here, is pretty much about what's going on in my mind. Like my header, I share my thoughts, ideas, wishes, and interest here.

My Thoughts - It's everything I feel like to share or discuss.

My Ideas - It's the time when a random bulb pops on my mind. I don't know, I hope one day, me or any of you can use it. I try my best to make it original, otherwise I'll tell you.

My Wishes - Everyone has wishes, some call it goals, some call it dreams. It's just thing people wants to happen in their life -in this blog, in my life. I share them here whether possible or impossible. 

My Interest - I like so many things, but mostly not for long. But some survive long enough in my mind, even some are irreplaceable. This is the place to make it survive forever.

I write my blog in Bahasa Indonesia, maybe some in English like this page. I'll try my best to make this blog as informative as I can, but honestly I write this for myself, I don't expect people to read it, but I'll be happy if this blog is useful for you. My brain is limited but my mind is not, so this blog is such a remainder on what is or was going on in my mind.

I'm sorry if the contains of this blog somehow offend you, please contact me so we can fix it together, I have my facebook and twitter linked in left side of this page. Thank you.

PS: I made this blog like 3 years ago, on behave of the update of this page I delete some early post not related to those four explanation above.